Forever Young, Always True.

Every unit of horsepower delivered by your engine, every change of direction when you turn the wheel, every time you touch the brakes – all these forces are transmitted from the tyres to the road.

All the time. On good or bad roads, in snow or sunshine, in a racing car or freight truck, turbocharged petrol model or e-car.

To ensure you always have the closest connection between you and the road, Falken Tyre Europe GmbH offers a full portfolio of tyres for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs, both as an OEM for a host of top car brands and on the aftermarket.

Falken AZENIS FK510

The Falken Azenis FK510. An Ultra High Performance tyre that is one of the true industry leaders of its class, with exceptional grip in all weather conditions.

Developed with the latest Technology and innovations in Compound and Tread design like 4D Nanotechnology and Adaptive Constant Pressure (ACP), The FK510 is truly worthy of the UHP title. Positive feedback from users has certainly cemented its position as a preferred choice of tyres for drivers.

ALL NEW Falken ZE310R Review

The guys from Gruppe-RS gave us a first-hand experience interview for Falken’s ZE310R EcoRun tyres earlier on. The positive reviews were pretty much consistent with the rest of the reviewers in other parts of the world.
Now, let’s take a ride with Rob (presenter, Gruppe-RS), as they put the tyres through a series of experiments, pushing its limits to confirm the claims. Let’s Go!
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Falken ZIEX ZE310R

The ZE310R is the latest Summer Tyre offering from Falken, packed with the latest tyre technology ensuring fuel savings, efficient grip in all weather conditions, low rolling noise and maximum comfort.

Developed with the same compound and tread technology as its Ultra High Performance counterpart the FK510 but optimised for economical efficiency, the ZE310 is a formidable choice of daily use tyre that is suitable for small to medium sized vehicles.R

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