Castrol Edge (Minor Servicing)

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Minor Servicing includes up to 4 litres of Castrol Edge engine oil (5W30/5W40) with OEM oil filter (Japanese/Korean) and 37-point checks:
-Top up wiper washer fluids
-Brake Fluid
-Power Steering
-Transmission Fluid
-Check belts & hoses conditions
-Various points checks
– Tyre Balancing & Rotation


*Top up required:
1. European Car need a top up of $25-$35 for the oil filter
2. Additional Engine Oil @ $26/L

Why might you need full synthetic engine oil? Simply because today’s small but powerful engines operate at more than double the internal pressure of the engines made 20 or 30 years ago. This means that the pressure between two moving parts can be as much as 10 tons per square centimeter.


That’s the same as the weight of five cars resting on the point of a stiletto heel: which demands a motor oil with the strength to maintain a thin, protective layer at all times. Castrol® EDGE® is an advanced full synthetic motor oil that is liquid engineered using Fluid Titanium Technology to strengthen the oil, reduce friction within the engine and ensure maximum performance.


Stamford Tyres workshop team consists of experienced technicians with many years of experience and are backed by the company’s philosophy of doing the job right the first time. Our service package includes our 37 point safety checks ensuring that you drive your car with a piece of mind. CASTROL® EDGE® Castrol® EDGE® is a full synthetic motor oil that is engineered for drivers who want only the best from their engines.

Castrol EDGE with Fluid Titanium, is the natural choice for drivers who demand maximum performance and protection from their cars. Unlock exhilarating performance with every drive. Did you know that friction can waste up to 10% of engine’s performance? Today’s engines are smaller, more powerful and under more pressure than ever before. Increased demands placed on the engine to deliver performance and fuel efficiency means that friction should not impeded engine performance.

Castrol EDGE with patented Fluid Titanium transforms its structure under pressure to keep metal apart. It reduces friction for maximum engine performance CASTROL EDGE IS STRONGER UNDER PRESSURE FEATURES AND BENEFITS Transforms to be strongest when the pressure is highest, protecting your engine Reduces power-robbing friction across engine speeds and conditions Independently tested at the highest standards for proven performance Recommended by world-leading car manufacturers Protects the engine for the entire drain interval even under extreme pressure Delivers high levels of fuel efficiency and low temperature performance Suitable for use in hybrid vehicles

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